Goodbye to Berlin, Part 1

Just a quick note: I’m writing this in the departure lounge of Schönefeld airport having not slept in over twenty four hours and staring down a two hour delay for my flight home. Teamed with the fact my pre-booked taxi kindly decided to not bother showing up this morning, it’s been a stressful series of events that led me to burst into tears about ten minutes ago. This really isn’t how I pictured my final few hours in the city; extremely tired, an emotional wreck, and privately bargaining with any willing entity that might make my plane arrive a little quicker.

Schönefeld Airport is, by the way, the most dismal place on Earth. No wifi access, the choices of eating confined to a stand-up Burger King or permanently packed café. There’s also an Irish pub but I can’t think of anywhere I’d like to be less right now than an Irish pub in a Berlin airport.