Top Eats in Berlin

  • The California Breakfast Slam (CabSlam, U-Bahn Rathaus Neukolln)

One of the things I’ve learnt about myself during my year of living dangerously is that I love brunch. I love pancakes, I love waffles, I love eggs, and I love eating breakfast food at lunch time. Berlin is big on lazy weekends spent eating a late breakfast and strolling idley around the city, and it’s a part of the lifestyle I’ve wasted no time getting used to. CabSlam is a bit of an American import, at the name may suggest. Originally a pop-up brunch spot they have now put down permanent roots and are working on expanding their weekend breakfast menu into a seven day breakfast, lunch and dinner extravaganza. The portions are huge and the food is amazing, but what’s more is that the staff are some of the loveliest I’ve ever met.


  • Shisho Burger (U-Bahn Rosenthaler Platz)

Up until January I was a herbivore of six years, and finding good vegetarian fair in Leeds and Sheffield was always pretty difficult. Luckily Berlin is way ahead of the game, and the best vegetarian burger I’ve had was in Shisho Burger, a Japanese joint in Mitte. There’s only one veggie option on the menu, but it’s a divine creation with perfectly prepared tofu and grilled eggplant. Teamed with fresh edemame and amazing homecooked fries, Shisho is so far more favourite burger spot in Berlin. But as I’m yet to eat my first beef burger, maybe I’ll report back on my new findings in a few months’ time…


  • Musashi (U-Bahn Schonleinstr)

I discovered in my second year of university that I really like sushi, but I’m a bit of a wimp and tend to limit myself to the vegetarian selections on offer. Mushashi has some of the best sushi going, and I have it on good authority the stuff with actual fish in is pretty delicious too. Most importantly for a penniless student, it’s super cheap. Ten euros will buy you a miniature feast. The Inside-Out Maki with Philadelphia and Avacado is heavenly and the vegetable tempura is a behemoth; I’ve had it twice and both times been defeated.

Sadly I don’t have any photos of their food…because I tend to just devour it as soon as it arrives. Oops.

  • Princess Cheesecake (S-Bahn Oranienburgerstr)

This is one of Berlin’s worst-kept secrets, but when the cheesecake’s this good, everyone should be shouting it from the rooftops. Tucked away between the art galleries that occupy so many of the buildings near Oranienburgerstrasse is this gorgeous little café, packed with some of the finest cheesecake in the city (and I’ve sampled a lot). The prices for takeaway and eat-in are the same, so if you have a little time you might like to get comfy and enjoy some people watching. If not, take a slice home to enjoy later in the comfort of your own home. Equally delicious. There are regularly new offerings to try based on the season, though my personal favourite is the New York Cheesecake with Dulce de Leche.


  • Lemon Leaf (U-Bahn Samariterstr)

Another thing I’ve discovered about Berlin is how much they love fusion cuisine. Lemon Leaf is an ‘Indochine’ restaurant that serves some of the most amazing dishes I’ve had yet in Berlin as well as amazing cocktails. It’s not too pricey either; 15 euros will get you a starter, a main and a drink or two. But my favourite thing on the menu are the pumpkin fried dumplings. They. Are. Fantastic.




  1. The Cabslam is indeed a great place for getting your hands on some authentic and well tasting pancakes. However, no need to go overboard either as the egg platter was by no means ‘huge’ , not really that yummy (especially the hash browns were dissapointing) and rather expensive also. As for the staff I must have had the wrong waitress, who was neither forthcoming nor capable of splitting a bill between two people. And last but not least the interior of the place was rather ghetto style than anything else, but hey I was there for the food and like I said, the pancakes are definitely worth the trip!

    • I feel like I have to remind you this a personal blog and that’s my opinion of the food and service there. I’ve been four times in the past few months and myself and my friends had a great experience every time. The staff have been great (no problems splitting the bill even five ways), the food has been tasty, and yes, I do think the portions are generous. If you disagree you can always write your own review somewhere but this isn’t Yelp or TripAdvisor!

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